Bobs and sledges

A marvellous, free experience: sledging on the Seiser Alm. Believe it or not, there are seven sledge runs offering lots of fun for young and old: Puflatsch (2 km), Spitzbühl (1.9 km), Zallinger (4.7 km), Molignon (4.4 km), Icaro – Monte Piz (1.4 km), Panorama (1.5 km) and the Tuff Alm (2.1 km) near Völs.

You can find our sledge rental shop near the Seiser Alm: come and visit us for a fun day out. Whether you are looking for a bob or a sledge, you can find all you need in our shop, including vital gear such as helmets – safety comes first! You can find three of our shops around the Seiser Alm: in Seis near Vols and Kastelruth, as well as two shops on the Seiser Alm itself, where you can also find a ski depot and rental shop.

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