Our snowboard and ski service centre on the Seiser Alm can give your skis or snowboard a thorough check-up. K & K Sports in Seis is the specialist ski service centre and uses MONTANA SAPHIR high precision equipment. We use the following procedure:

High performance produced using stone, edge-sharpening and edge-tuning

  • Automatic stone-grinding technique for one pair of skis or one snowboard with pressure curve.
  • Silent grinding process
  • Sharpening of edges for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard with custom programmable pressure curve
  • HTT-tuning of steel edges on coating side for ski and snowboard
  • Radial tuning
  • Custom programmable pressure curve with proportional valve
  • Speed boost mode
  • Racing ski mode with computer-controlled speed curve for World Cup preparation.

Automatically loaded

  • Fully graphic colour touch display
  • Automatic centring
  • PowerVac vacuum system

Surface grinding

  • Grinding for all models, such as carvers, mini-skis, cross-country skis, wide skis and snowboards
  • Computer-controlled grinding programmes with direct access via an online plane to adjust the most important parameters to each ski
  • Exact grinding pressure over the grinding point, independent of length and width of skis thanks to electronically-controlled pressure curve
  • Reproducible grinding results via fully automatic RPM adjustment to grindstone diameter
  • All structures such as linear, cross, cross offset can be programmed
  • Minimal grinding noise thanks to fully enclosed construction
  • Stone-grinding speed smoothly adjustable from 300-1700 RPM produces high abrasion and a fine finish
  • Smooth speed boost from 8-28 m/min.
  • 12-stage drilling tool depth adjustment from 0.5 / 100 mm – 6 / 100 mm


  • Heatable wax roll
  • Polish roll
  • Multifunction
  • For ski and snowboard
  • Even, thin wax application
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odour free
  • Safety thermostat
  • Smooth temperature adjustment
  • Mobile chassis